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What You Choose to See…

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The memory of that painful past,

Living half the life, being subservient,

Like a child, whose choices are made for it,

At times the victim, of physical or psychological abuse,

At times, like a vase with colourful blossoms, a work of art

Existing only for the hungry eye

Yes, it hid all but that turmoil,

That showed through her eyes,

A desire to free,

If only-

That hope seemed so far…

A realization dawns-

A realization of that timeless truth

That all are equal

That the inherent quality is divinity within

And now…

Now, courage reigns

She is whole again

Free at last, to decide her fate,

To go or to stay, to wake or to sleep-

To be herself, as she wants to be

The eyes now reflect that power,

That boldness and strength always within

It protects her now,

Like the helmet of a rider,

Bravely riding in the evening breeze,

With the power beneath and the throttle responding to her very grip

She is in control

She is free

She breathes again,

That air of free choice,

That fragrance of self-respect,

That acknowledgement of dignity

All this I see – in the eyes alone,

And the future, in her hands alone

For what you choose to see

Can become whom you choose to be

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Chapter 2

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